Kim Delaney Escorted Offstage At Philadelphia Event

On Thursday, Army Wives star, Kim Delaney, appeared at an event at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia to honor former Defense Secretary Robert Gates and was scheduled to give a speech about how hard it is for army families to go on with their lives after losing their loved ones during wartime. But as Delaney took her place at the podium and began to give her speech, it became clear that she’d been drinking because she was slurring her words and was inserting long pauses into her sentences. Additionally, her hair looked a little unkempt and she delivered her remarks in such a detached manner that she seemed completely disinterested in where she was. Furthermore, she also stated that she “served in active military family duty for five years,” and “attended numerous military funerals,” one of which was for her best friend’s son. But then, Delaney clarified that she actually did none of those things — it was her character on Army Wives that did.

Eventually, a movie started to play behind her and then a woman wearing a headset (probably a producer) went up on stage and beckoned Delaney to follow her off the stage. Numerous media outlets report her behavior may have been the result of her ongoing problem with alcohol, which in 2002 led to her arrest for suspicion of drunk driving and for refusing a breathalyzer test. Delaney pleaded no contest to the charges and has reportedly been to a rehab facility twice.

Delaney’s publicist has declined to discuss the issue of her client’s performance and appearance at the ceremony. But it’s kind of almost better that way.

Source: People