Kim K Buys Kanye a $750K Lambo: 5 More Ways Celebs Prove They’re Richer Than Us

Kim and KanyeIn a bit of news that will make you feel a little bit worse about whatever you bought your significant other for his or her birthday this year, TMZ reports that Kim Kardashian has purchased her boyfriend Kanye West a Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4 for his 35th birthday. The new model runs for $750,000 — a pressing reminder that these people are infinitely richer than everyone else in the world.

But Kim’s extravagant present for Kanye is just one of many outlandish celebrity purchases that have made the rest of society have to undergo some serious life evaluations. For example, it’s hard to forget Beyonce’s gold outfit that she wore to the 2007 American Music Awards. In addition to Beyonce, famous figures like BonoRihanna, and even a few people who have last names have played the high-spending consumer in the deep end of the free market. Click through the pages to check out these 5 Ways Celebrities Prove They’re Richer Than Us.

Bono Sends His Hat Abroad

The next on Bono’s list of political agendas: civil rights for head wear. The U2 front man once paid over $1,700 to fly his hat safely — in first class, mind you — from London to Italy.


Petra Ecclestone Buys Candy Spelling’s Mansion

Back in 2011, socialite Candy Spelling’s Los Angeles mansion was on the market with a list price of $150 million. There aren’t many who can handle this price range, but heiress Petra Ecclestone made it work (even though she got a price redux and only paid $85 million). Spelling and her late husband Aaron built the mansion in 1991 after buying and stripping the property in the ’80s. The elaborate mansion includes a double staircase, a flower-cutting room, a china room, and a Prince Charles suite.


Rihanna Keeps Her Hair Fresh

How much do you spend on your hair a week? A bottle of shampoo and a trip to the salon should cover it — but Rihanna goes the extra mile, balking out over $20,000 every week on follicular care.


Suri Cruise Gets an Early Start on Fashion

Young Suri Cruise is getting in the game of fashion pretty early. The 6-year-old starlet is the proud owner of a $150,000 shoe collection, including brands like Marc Jacobs and Uggs (not to mention her $2,140 Dolce & Gabbana trench coat).

Suri Cruise

Elton John Is Rich in Roses

Perhaps this is the root (no pun intended) of Elton John’s feud with Madonna. While she has expressed her hatred for some flowers, he appears to love them all, enough to spend $200,000 a year on them.

Elton John

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