Kim Kardashian And Justin Timberlake Come Back To ‘Life’

Justin TimberlakeAnd by ‘life’ I mean Twitter. I know you’ve all been panicking, or perhaps mildly wondering, or maybe even taking momentary solace in the long overdue silence as celebs like Ryan Seacrest, Kim Kardashian, Lady Gaga, and Justin Timberlake silenced their social media habits in the name of Alicia Keys’ charity Keep a Child Alive and its “Digital Death” campaign.

The stars all signed up to temporarily “kill” themselves in a social media sense – no Facebook (gasp!) or Twitter (double gasp!) until they raised $1 million for HIV/AIDS relief in Africa and India. But apparently, fans aren’t as obsessed with reading stars’ Twitter feeds as they had hoped because up until yesterday a week of abstaining had only earned them half of their $1 million goal. Frustrated with their inability to share their random thoughts and ideas with fans, the stars became restless and called in a ringer – billionaire Stewart Rahr threw in the last donation of $500,000 yesterday so the celebs could resurrect their internet selves and return to their PR vehicles.

Perhaps next time, they should just spend their time and effort on donating actual money instead of milking it from their fans. This whole operation was a bit backwards from the start, if you ask me. After all, the celebs are the ones with cash to spare, and they’re racking up the dollars thanks in great part to the fans that love them enough to read and actually miss their tweets and Facebook posts.

Source: NY Post