Kim Kardashian Considering Role In Gotti Movie

I do not understand why Kim Kardashian insists on breaking into the movie business. And I understand a lot of things, you know. I understand how using a duster is the most inefficient way to clean anything, which is something not many people seem to understand. But I do! All you’re doing is saying, “Hey, dust. Get up off your ass and move over somewhere else. Like, maybe over to that chair with the sign that says “I’m honestly broken. Don’t test me. I promise there’s a tear in a place you can’t see.” That’s what you’re saying to the dust when you use a duster! I don’t understand percentages though, but I can’t imagine figuring out why Kim Kardashian wants an acting career would be harder than figuring out how much of the day I spend jaywalking. But going back, SHIT, KIM KARDASHIAN does not need to be an actress. She used to be perfectly happy hot glue-gunning studs onto blazers and yelling at her mom for mass-producing your nude calendars! Do neither one of those make her happy anymore? Is she depressed? You know, a sign of depression is losing interest in the things that used to make you happy. What is Kim’s experience, anyway? Walking in such high heels that she looks like a pigeon that has a piece of gum stuck to its back…talon, so it’s like perpetually leaning forward? That is not experience. I’d really like to know what her experience is because if she’s getting movie roles with none of it, I might be advertising the wrong parts of myself to others.

But even though I don’t think she should, the latest news is that Kim Kardashian is in talks to star in the Gotti movie alongside John Travolta. She’d play Kim Gotti, John Gotti’s daughter-in-law. The real Kim Gotti is married to a guy named Junior, who in the movie, could be played by James Franco. In other words, this clip is about to be remade and extended into a feature-length film.

Source: Fox News