Kim Kardashian Hires An Acting Coach

One of the main reasons Kim Kardashian decided to divorce Kris Humphries was because they couldn’t agree on what would happen to Kim’s career once they were married. Kris wanted her to give up all her appearances and endorsement deals in favor of moving to Minnesota with him to be a mom to their children, but Kim was determined to stay in Los Angeles so she could remain a businesswoman. And now that the marriage is over, it has become apparent just how dedicated Kim is to making sure she stays relevant because she’s hired acting coach Susan Batson, whom Nicole Kidman thanked while accepting the Best Actress Oscar for her performance in The Hours.

The New York Post

reports Kim hired Batson to help her play the marriage counselor in Tyler Perry’s new movie, The Marriage Counselor, but doesn’t specify whether or not she plans to keep Baston around so she can help with any future projects. A source revealed Kim decided to enlist Batson’s professional services because, “with recent events she has been worried that the stress of her real life would show through.” And in terms of why someone who’s on a first name basis with various Oscar winners would even want to have anything to do with Kim (who can be seen crawling around the inside of an air vent in a music video that has yet to be released), Baston made it clear to New York Magazine that she only works with people who she thinks have promise in the industry. She said, “If you know who I said, ‘Don’t bother sending’ to agents…You have to have talent. Otherwise I can’t really work with you.” So apparently, pretending to properly align the car with the dummy on the ground and then driving over the dummy (but really just pretending to drive because the car is on a conveyor belt that’s controlled by someone else) while assuring your passenger that they shouldn’t worry about it is harder than it looks, and is the TRUE indicator of talent! Someone should go ahead and alert Brian Strokes Mitchell of the change in protocol…like, now.

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