Kim Kardashian, Josh Duhamel and Other Celebs React to Hurricane Irene on Twitter

Batten down the hatches, it’s going to be a rocky weekend. As the East Coast prepares for the wrath of Hurricane Irene, celebrities from all over the world are voicing their concern and sending their love to those who will come head-to-head with this indestructible force of nature. Now I’m hoping that all the nervous hype ends up being nothing but a little rainfall (at least that’s what I’m telling my worried parents), but it’s nice to know that some Hollywood stars are thinking of us in our time of need — even if they are nice and dry over there on the West Coast. It’s the thought that counts right? Check out the A-list tweets below and see which celebs were kind enough to keep East Coasters in their thoughts. Some of them are even kinda funny:

Kim Kardashian tweets: I hope everyone on the East Coast is safe! I heard the weather is crazy!

Josh Duhamel tweets: My heart goes out to everyone affected by #HurricaneIrene. Praying for your safety.

Lala tweets: Just landed in NYC..haven’t been here in weeks and I just happen to come when the hurricane is rolling thru..YIKES! #prayingfortheeastcoast

Kirstie Alley tweets: If you find the need to evacuate for the impending Irene..PLEASE take your pets…….and of course your kids….LEAVE bad lovers behind..;)

Goldie Hawn tweets: Thinking of you all who are weathering the hurricane on the east coast! Take good care

Denise Richards tweets: Praying everyone on the east coast stays safe…

Jon Favreau tweets: To all the coastal dwellers back East, stay safe.

Elizabeth Banks tweets: Everybody in the hurricane, be safe. Everybody else, let your worry about the hurricane fade away while seeing #OurIdiotBrother tonight!

Alright, the last one was totally self promotion, but we appreciate the shout-out anyways. To reiterate what Hollywood’s finest are trying to say — everyone stay safe this weekend and hope for the best! Check the Zone Map here.

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Source: Celebuzz