Kim Kardashian & Lindsay Lohan Flour-Bombed: When Celebs Get Attacked

KardashianThere are many different ways to get your ideals across in this day and age: organized sit-ins, thoroughly crafted letters to your congressmen, and, the ever-popular trend of throwing stuff at celebrities. This can be done to protest the wearing of fur, as a statement about gay rights, or for no discernible reason whatsoever.

A video was released on March 23 depicting Kim Kardashian suffering the wrath of what professional celeb-defacers call a flour bombing. At a benefit for the Dress for Success charity, the Kardashian sister was attacked by a “crazy woman” (so-called by an interviewee) who seemed to scream the phrase “fur hag” in the video of the incident, presumably as a statement against the wearing of animals. As strange as this occurrence might be, it is hardly uncommon. Celebs are the victims of high-profile spillings all the time.

Lindsay Lohan

Like Kardashian, Lohan has been attacked for wearing fur.

Tom Cruise

Usually, the celebs end up looking like the victims in these situations. But Tom Cruise proved after a particularly vindictive face-squirt that he is on top of every situation. Seriously. Don’t mess with Cruise.

Newt Gingrich

Some attackers are a little more eloquent than others, managing full explanations of the rationale behind their actions before being tossed off the scene by angry security guards. Newt Gengrich had the fortune of a run-in with a member of this breed.

Ryan Seacrest, Sacha Baron Cohen…and Kim Jong-il

Celebrities are usually on the receiving ends of these spills. But there are also those most interesting instances when it is a celebrity doing the spilling … and a celebrity being spilled. Those who watched the 84th Academy Awards might remember when Sacha Baron Cohen poured an urn of what he claimed to be the ashes of Kim Jong-il onto E! host Ryan Seacrest. Cohen was playing the part of his The Dictator character, which kind of makes up for the crazy. You can watch the video and read the story here.