Kim Kardashian Reveals Kardashian Family Christmas Card

It’s the holiday season, which means everyone’s rushing to wrap things and hide things and tie bows around uncooperative dogs. But we’re also receiving Christmas cards in the mail from our friends and family, where everyone’s smiling and holding up unhappy babies and pointing at each other and sweating because the pictures were taken in July, and it’s all delightful.

The Kardashian family also has a Christmas card (as they always do), but it’s not charming like holiday cards are supposed to be. Instead, it shows the entire family dressed shards from shattered mirrors and standing in front of one side of the Pantheon, looking really displeased. They all seem to be leaning on each other for support (which almost validates the conjecture that none of them are capable of standing upright without assistance?) and the only one who appears confident in his stance is Kourtney’s two-year-old son, Mason. They are all, however, making faces that convey total unhappiness, and it’s kind of like why even make a family Christmas card at all if you’re not going to be joyful about it?


Kim Kardashian

posted individual snapshots (along with the main photo) on her blog, and revealed there’s also “a special 3D version that you can view with 3D glasses,” which is just in case we want to scientifically analyze the amount of misery that the card contains in cubic feet. On a regular day I would jump at this task, but I’m much too busy ironically arranging these cocktail franks for my Christmas card, and I’m kind of on a deadline.

Source: Kim Kardashian