Kim Kardashian, Russell Brand, and More: Celebrities Inspired by Batman Fashion

651x113_Back_Batweek.jpgkim kardashian poison ivyHe’s a mysterious millionaire who has made it his mission to protect the city of Gotham. But while Batman’s dark, do-gooder aura makes him one of the most attractive movie characters in superhero movie history , there’s something else about him that makes him even more appealing: his fashion sense. Sure, Wonder Woman’s shorts show off her long legs and Spider-Man has some nice biceps, but no other superhero can rock spandex — and, occasionally, nipple suit armor — the way Bruce Wayne can.

But Batman isn’t the only character in Gotham to boast some rockin’ threads. Catwoman zips up into a super-sexy, skintight Latex suit, and even Poison Ivy gets a piece of the action with her fierce red hair and shimmery, summer green dress. And celebrities want in on the game too — Batman and his entourage aren’t the only ones to slap on some Bat-spandex. Click below to see some of Hollywood’s biggest celebrities channeling the caped crusader and his merry band of crime-fighters (or crime-lovers). Holy merchandising fortune, Batman!

Batman Fashion

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