Kim Kardashian’s Wedding Invitation and Date Revealed

kim kardashianEarlier this year the world had Royal Wedding Fever.  We couldn’t get enough juicy details about those royalty nuptials, leaving the tabloid magazines in a feeding frenzy.  But now it’s time to obsess about another wedding — Kardashian style.  The wedding of Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries is shaping up to be quite a fancy affair.  We’ve heard about the Bachelor/Bachelorette parties, thought about what the dress will look like, wondered who will be invited to the jovial event and now we FINALLY have some answers to our many questions. 

The wedding will be held on Saturday, August 20th in Montecito, California.  TMZ has even been able to get their hands on a copy of the actual wedding invitation (mine must still be in the mail somewhere).  So far no specific times as to when the ceremony will begin that day have been revealed, but it clearly states that it is to be a black tie affair.  Well yeah, we would expect nothing but pure class from this bunch.  Especially with Kris Jenner running the show.

So where will you be when the reality star and NBA player tie the knot?  Mark your calendars now!

Source: TMZ