Kim Kardashian Tricks Her Twitter Followers Into Voting For Rob Kardashian On ‘DWTS’

After Rob Kardashian danced the Cha-Cha-Cha to a song from the Broadway musical, Jersey Boys, on Dancing with the Stars last night, Kim Kardashian did what older sisters do and campaigned to get the country to vote for her brother so he wouldn’t be eliminated from the show. But instead of encouraging her fans to vote for Rob by offering to reveal some private details about her questionable marriage to Kris Humphries to one of her brother’s lucky supporters, she instead posted a number to her Twitter account and told her followers to call it if they wanted to ask Justin Bieber a question (who she said would be available to answer fan queries for the next hour). But in reality, Justin Bieber was too busy getting to know his new puppy that he shares with Selena Gomez to talk to anyone, and the number Kim tweeted was actually the number to call to vote for Rob Kardashian’s performance on DWTS. So she essentially guaranteed Rob a spot in the 7th week of the dancing competition in a…(“THERE’S NOTHING TO FEAR BUT FEAR ITSELF!”)… pretty smart move.

Shortly after Kim posted the first tweet, she posted another that said, “ok guys obviously I’m joking, that’s not Justin’s # (number)! But seriously call & vote for RobKardashian.” It’s hard to ignore how manipulative her move was, but it’s also hard to get agitated about whether or not a televised dance competition for has-beens has voting practices that are unfair or unethical.

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