Kim Kardashian vs. a Poodle: Who Wore It Better? PICS

Kim Kardashian Poodle

Alright, so we’ll bow(wow) to Kim Kardashian for her ability to pull of these new fashionable(?) shoes. Still, we can’t help but wonder what drove the reality star, who clearly skipped the Saks for Petco, to spend the past few days channeling Oodles the Talking Poodle. Now, if only she’d dye her fur shoes the color of Lady Gaga’s hot pink fur coat, she would be all set to star as Oodles’ twin.

As for the rest of her ensemble? We’d say it’s missing an inspired collar and leash. Gotta take advantage of this Fifty Shades trend while you still can! 

But the question remains: Who wore it better — Kim K. or the poodle?

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[Photo Credit: Splash News; Andy Bernay-Roman/Flickr]


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