Kim Kardashian: Why I Ignored Warnings About Kris Humphries

kim kardashianWhen Kim Kardashian falls in love, she falls in love hard—and nobody can tell her what to do, not even her family. During an appearance on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno (which aired on March 22), the reality star opened up about her whirlwind romance with NBA star Kris Humphries (whom she separated from after 72 days of marriage) and explained why exactly she ignored her family’s words of warning.

“I’m a person, when I’m in love, you can’t tell me anything,” Kardashian stated. “And you gotta go through it yourself. So, I did what I believed in doing, and sometimes you don’t want to hear what your family has to say.”

But despite the severe media backlash she’s suffered over the past few months, the 31-year-old star isn’t sure she would have done anything different. “You look back and you’re like, ‘OK, that was a sign,’ or, you know, ‘Maybe I should have listened to them,'” she remarks. “But, I wouldn’t have been who I am today had I not gone through that.”

Kardashian added that she is thankful for the lessons she has learned and the new person she’s become. “I learned so many lessons about it, and it’s changed who I am as a person, I think for the better,” she said. “The things that I care about in life have completely changed because of this, so I really think everything happens for a reason.”

And for those of you out there who still think the whole romance was nothing more than a showmance, Kardashian insists that was never the case. “What you see is what you get,” she assured. “I showed my life and the reality of my life and it might not be pretty all the time, but it’s who I am and I learned so much from it.”