Kim Krafsky


Other (14)

St. Vincent 2014 (Movie)

Animal Supervision(Animal Actors) (Animal Services)

The Drop 2014 (Movie)

Trainer(Animal Actors International) (Animal Trainer)

The Wolf of Wall Street 2013 (Movie)

(Animal Wrangler)

The Sorcerer's Apprentice 2010 (Movie)

(Animal Trainer)

Doubt 2008 (Movie)

(Animal Actors International, Inc) (Animal Trainer)

Synecdoche, New York 2008 (Movie)

(Animal Actors Inc) (Animal Trainer)

The Savages 2007 (Movie)

(Animal Trainer)

First Born 2006 (Movie)

(Animal Actors) (Animal Trainer)

The Pink Panther 2006 (Movie)

(Animal Trainer)

Empire Falls 2004 - 2005 (TV Show)

Animal Trainer

Hide & Seek 2005 (Movie)

(Animal Trainer)

Garden State 2004 (Movie)

(Animal Actors International) (Animal Trainer)

Kinsey 2004 (Movie)

(Animal Trainer)

Ladder 49 2004 (Movie)

(Animal Actors Inc) (Animal Trainer)