Kim Sangho

Born: 07/24/1970


Actor (15)

Proof of Innocence 2016 (Movie)

Kwon Soon-Tae (Actor)

The Beauty Inside 2015 (Movie)


The Tiger 2015 (Movie)

Chil-goo (Actor)

Wonderful Nightmare 2015 (Movie)

Director Kim (Actor)

Howoosijeol 2009 (Movie)

President Ji (Actor)

Jeon Woo-chi 2009 (Movie)


His Last Gift 2008 (Movie)

Yong-tae (Actor)

Sik-gaek 2007 (Movie)


Tajja 2007 (Movie)


The Bank Attack 2007 (Movie)


The Happy Life 2007 (Movie)


Gakseoltang 2006 (Movie)


Unbearable Lightness of Love 2006 (Movie)


The President's Last Bang 2005 (Movie)

KCIA Agent Jang (Actor)

You Are My Sunshine 2005 (Movie)