King Juju


Music (11)

Skiptrace 2016 (Movie)

("From NY To LA") (Song Performer)

Meet Monica Velour 2011 (Movie)

("Be Yo Daddy") (Song Performer)

Legion 2010 (Movie)

("Undisputed") (Song Performer)

Lottery Ticket 2010 (Movie)

("Look At Me Now") (Song Performer)

Fighting 2009 (Movie)

("From NY To L.A.") (Song Performer)

Sorority Row 2009 (Movie)

("Doin' My Thing") (Song Performer)

College 2008 (Movie)

"Doin' My Thing" (Song Performer)

Disaster Movie 2008 (Movie)

("Show Me How You Do It") (Song Performer)

Feel The Noise 2007 (Movie)

("You Should Let Me Be Your Daddy") (Song Performer)

I Think I Love My Wife 2007 (Movie)

("Be Yo Daddy") (Song Performer)

The Hunting Party 2007 (Movie)

("Be Yo Daddy") (Song Performer)