Kirk Newren


Art Department (4)

Paul 2011 (Movie)

Propmaker Foreman (Propman)

Swing Vote 2008 (Movie)

Propmaker (Props)

The Missing 2003 (Movie)

(Gang Boss)

The Hi-Lo Country 1998 (Movie)

prop maker (Props)
Other (11)

The Last Stand 2013 (Movie)

Mill Foreperson (Construction)

Fright Night 2011 (Movie)

General Foremen (Construction Foreman)

MacGruber 2010 (Movie)

Foreman (Construction Foreman)

Crash 2008 (Tv Show)

Construction Foreman

The Spirit 2008 (Movie)

(Construction Foreman)

The Astronaut Farmer 2007 (Movie)

(Construction Foreman)

Trade 2007 (Movie)

(New Mexico Unit / U.S. Crew) (Construction Coordinator)

Employee of the Month 2006 (Movie)

Propmaker (Construction)

Around the Bend 2004 (Movie)

Shop Foreman (Construction Foreman)

John Carpenter's Ghosts Of Mars 2001 (Movie)

(Construction Foreman)

Wishbone's Dog Days of the West 1997 - 1998 (TV Show)