Klaus Kinski

Without a doubt the most intense and perhaps insane actor ever to grace the silver screen, Klaus Kinski tapped into his dark inner reaches to deliver a number of spellbinding performances that often bordered on ... Read more »
Born: 10/18/1926 in Poland


Actor (91)

Appuntamente col disonore 2014 (Movie)


Grandi Cacciatori 2014 (Movie)


Jesus Christ Savior 2008 (Movie)


Nosferatu 2008 (Movie)

Count Dracula (Actor)

Cobra Verde 2007 (Movie)

Francisco Manoel Da Silva (Actor)

My Best Fiend 1999 (Movie)


Paganini 1989 (Movie)

Nicolo Paganini (Actor)

Nosferatu a Venezia 1988 (Movie)

Nosferatu (Actor)

Faerie Tale Theatre 1982 - 1987 (TV Show)


Crawlspace 1986 (Movie)

Dr Karl Gunther (Actor)

El Caballero del Dragon 1986 (Movie)

Boetius (Actor)

Creature 1985 (Movie)

Hans Rudy Hofner (Actor)

Kommando Leopard 1984 (Movie)

Colonel Silveira (Actor)

The Little Drummer Girl 1984 (Movie)

Kurtz (Actor)

Geheimcode Wildganse 1983 (Movie)

Charlton (Actor)

The Secret Diary of Sigmund Freud 1983 (Movie)

Dr Max Bauer (Actor)

Android 1982 (Movie)

Dr Daniel (Actor)

Burden of Dreams 1982 (Movie)

Himself (Actor)

Fitzcarraldo 1982 (Movie)

Brian Sweeney Fitzgerald-- (Actor)

Love and Money 1982 (Movie)

Frederick Stockheinz (Actor)

Buddy Buddy 1981 (Movie)

Dr Zuckerbrot (Actor)

The Soldier 1981 (Movie)

Dracha (Actor)

Les Fruits de la Passion 1980 (Movie)

Sir Stephen (Actor)

Venom 1980 (Movie)

Jacmel (Actor)

La Femme-Enfant 1979 (Movie)

Marcel (Actor)

Schizoid 1979 (Movie)

Dr Pieter Fales (Actor)

Woyzeck 1979 (Movie)

Woyzeck (Actor)

Haine 1978 (Movie)

Stranger (Actor)

La Chanson de Roland 1977 (Movie)

Roland (Actor)

Mivtsa Yonatan 1977 (Movie)

Boese (Actor)

Zoo-Zero 1977 (Movie)

Yave--Zoo Director (Actor)

Madame Claude 1976 (Movie)

Zakis Niarkis (Actor)

Mort d'un pourri 1976 (Movie)

Tonski (Actor)

Jack the Ripper 1975 (Movie)


Nuit d'or 1975 (Movie)

Michel (Actor)

Das Netz 1974 (Movie)

Bossi (Actor)

Lifespan 1974 (Movie)

Nicholas Ulrich (Actor)

That Most Important Thing: Love 1974 (Movie)

Karl (Actor)

Un Genio, Due Compari, Un Pollo 1974 (Movie)

Doc Foster (Actor)

Aguirre, the Wrath of God 1973 (Movie)

Don Lope de Aguirre (Actor)

Le Amanti del mostro 1973 (Movie)


Le Orme 1973 (Movie)


Who Stole the Shah's Jewels? 1973 (Movie)


Il Mio nome e Shanghai Joe 1972 (Movie)


La Mano che nutre la morte 1972 (Movie)


La Mano spietata della legge 1972 (Movie)


La Morte sorride all'assassino 1972 (Movie)


Doppia taglia per Minnesota Stinky 1971 (Movie)


Il Ritorno di Clint il solitario 1971 (Movie)


Il Venditore di morte 1971 (Movie)


Black Killer 1970 (Movie)


L' Occhio del ragno 1970 (Movie)


La Bestia uccide a sangue freddo 1970 (Movie)


La Mano Nascosta di Dio 1970 (Movie)


Lo Chiamavano King... 1970 (Movie)


Nella stretta morsa del ragno 1970 (Movie)


Count Dracula 1969 (Movie)


Giu le mani... carogna 1969 (Movie)


I Leopardi di Churchill 1969 (Movie)


La Belva 1969 (Movie)


La Peau de Torpedo 1969 (Movie)


Per una bara piena di dollari 1969 (Movie)


Prega il morte e ammazza il vivo 1969 (Movie)


Double Face 1968 (Movie)


Paroxismus 1968 (Movie)


Sons of Satan 1968 (Movie)

Adam (Actor)

Il Grande silenzio 1967 (Movie)


L' Uomo, l'orgoglio, la vendetta 1967 (Movie)


Marquis de Sade: Justine 1967 (Movie)


Our Man in Marrakesh 1966 (Movie)

Jonquil (Actor)

Circus of Fear 1965 (Movie)


Doctor Zhivago 1965 (Movie)

Kostoyed (Actor)

For a Few Dollars More 1965 (Movie)

Hunchback (Actor)

Neues vom Hexer 1964 (Movie)


The Pleasure Girls 1964 (Movie)


Die Schwarze Kobra 1963 (Movie)


Winnetou: II Teil 1963 (Movie)


Das Gasthaus an der Themse 1962 (Movie)


Das Indische Tuch 1962 (Movie)


Scotland Yard jagt Doktor Mabuse 1962 (Movie)


The Counterfeit Traitor 1962 (Movie)

Kindler (Actor)

Die Toten Augen von London 1961 (Movie)


Das Geheimnis der gelben Narzissen 1960 (Movie)


A Time to Love and a Time to Die 1958 (Movie)

Gestapo Lieutenant (Actor)

Kinder, Mutter und ein General 1954 (Movie)


Ludwig II 1954 (Movie)


Decision Before Dawn 1951 (Movie)


Timestalkers (TV Show)

Director (1)

Paganini 1989 (Movie)



Without a doubt the most intense and perhaps insane actor ever to grace the silver screen, Klaus Kinski tapped into his dark inner reaches to deliver a number of spellbinding performances that often bordered on psychosis. With a deep furrowed brow overhanging large malefic eyes that heightened his manic intensity while betraying no inner vulnerability, Kinski had a long, notorious career that both fed on and was complicated by his monumental ego. Though he appeared in over 250 films, the five he made with German compatriot, director Werner Herzog, were the stuff of filmmaking legend. Their combative and codependent collaboration started with "Aguirre, the Wrath of God" (1972), and resumed years later with "Nosferatu the Vampyre" (1979), "Woyzeck" (1979) and "Fitzcarraldo" (1982). All throughout their partnership, both concurrently despised and needed one another, creating an artistic energy neither matched with any other collaborator. Their long-running partnership, which also was a stormy friendship, generated the best work either made in their careers - though often at great emotional, psychological and even physical harm - and ended 15 years after it began with "Cobra Verde" (1987), their least accomplished effort. Though together for only a fraction of their creative outputs, it was impossible to talk of either one without mentioning the other. For Kinski, the collaboration with Herzog proved fruitful artistically, but damaging and soul-wrecking in private.


Achim Nakszynski


Arne Nakszynski


Inge Nakszynski



Nastassja Kinski Actor

Born Jan. 24, 1960; mother, Ruth Brigitte Tocki; daughter was estranged from him after 1960 divorce

Pola Kinski


Nikolai Kinski

born July 31, 1976 mother Minhoi Wiggers

Gislinde Kühbeck


Minhoi Loanic


Brigitte Tocki




Directorial and screenwriting debut with the unreleased feature, "Paganini" (also actor)


Appeared on German TV in "Die Kurve"


Moved to Berlin


First English-language film, "Decision Before Dawn"


West German film acting debut, "Morituri"


Drafted into the German army at age 16


Moved with parents to Berlin (date approximate)

Acted on stage in Tubingen and Baden-Baden

Gave poetry recitals in small German cabarets and later larger halls

On second day of combat in the Netherlands, Kinski was injured and captured by Allied forces and spent the rest of WWII in a British prison-of-war camp