Klaus Maria Brandauer

Actor, Director
One of the few contemporary German-speaking actors to have become established as an international star, Klaus Maria Brandauer first came to prominence for his compelling performance as Hendrik Hofgen, an ambitious young ... Read more »
Born: 06/22/1944 in Austria


Actor (35)

Belief, Hope and Blood 2014 (Movie)

Vladimir I Lenin (Actor)

The Crown Prince 2014 (Movie)


Tetro 2009 (Movie)

Carlo/Alfie (Actor)

Das Verhor Des Harry Wind 2007 (Movie)

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Bonhoeffer 2003 (Movie)

Voice of Bonhoeffer (Actor)

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Vercingetorix 2001 (Movie)

Julius Caesar (Actor)

Jeremiah 1999 - 2000 (TV Show)


Dykaren 1999 (Movie)

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Rembrandt 1999 (Movie)

Rembrandt van Rijn (Actor)

Felidae 1994 (Movie)

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Mario and the Magician 1994 (Movie)

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White Fang 1991 (Movie)

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The Russia House 1990 (Movie)

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Lenz (Actor)

Hanussen 1989 (Movie)

Klaus Schneider-- (Actor)

La Revolution Francaise 1989 (Movie)

Georges Jacques Danton (Actor)

Seven Minutes 1989 (Movie)

Georg Elser (Actor)

Burning Secret 1988 (Movie)

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Quo Vadis 1987 (Movie)

Emperor Nero (Actor)

Detskij Sad 1986 (Movie)


Streets of Gold 1986 (Movie)

Alek Neuman (Actor)

The Lightship 1986 (Movie)

Captain Miller (Actor)

Colonel Redl 1985 (Movie)

Alfred Redl (Actor)

Out of Africa 1985 (Movie)

Bror Von Blixen-Finecke (Actor)

Never Say Never Again 1983 (Movie)

Maximillian Largo (Actor)

Mephisto 1982 (Movie)

Hendrik Hofgen (Actor)

Der Weg ins Freie 1981 (Movie)


Ein Sonntag im Oktober 1978 (Movie)


Die Babenberger in Osterreich 1975 (Movie)


The Salzburg Connection 1971 (Movie)

Johann (Actor)
Director (2)

Mario and the Magician 1994 (Movie)


Seven Minutes 1989 (Movie)



One of the few contemporary German-speaking actors to have become established as an international star, Klaus Maria Brandauer first came to prominence for his compelling performance as Hendrik Hofgen, an ambitious young actor adopted by the Nazi party during the 1930s, in Hungarian director Istvan Szabo's Oscar-winning Best Foreign Film "Mephisto" (1981). A longtime member of Vienna's Burgtheater (The National Theater of Austria), the compact, burly, stage-trained Brandauer won acclaim for his performances as several Shakespearean heroes (Hamlet, Romeo, Petruchio) and has been a perennial player at the Salzburg Festival, appearing in the titular role of Hugo von Hoffmanstahl's "Everyman". Though he made his film debut in 1972's "The Salzburg Connection", his dissatisfaction with the end product kept him leery of the big screen for many years.

Following the success of "Mephisto", Brandauer received a flood of offers, mostly for stereotypical heavies, SS Generals and the like. He rejected all but the part of James Bond's arch rival Maximilian Largo and had a hoot increasing his international exposure as the mad genius who wants to rule the world in "Never Say Never Again" (1983), Sean Connery's return as 007. He brought erotic tension and charisma to his scene-stealing portrayal of Meryl Streep's philandering husband in Sydney Pollack's "Out of Africa" (1985), earning a Best Supporting Actor Oscar nomination. That same year he reteamed with Szabo for "Colonel Redl", delivering a superbly nuanced portrait of an ambitious, homosexual soldier in pre-WWI Austria. "Hanussen" (1988) completed their trilogy together, and Brandauer's titular soldier, whose head wound leaves him with psychic abilities, first gains Nazi favor predicting Hitler's victory but loses it when he foretells of the Reichstag fire and indicates who the real culprits are.

Brandauer was the saving grace of the boxing melodrama "Streets of Gold" (1986), as a Russian expatriate who trains two Olympic hopefuls. He brought a touch of menace to his charming, amoral baron (yet another soldier with a wound) in the old-fashioned melodrama "Burning Secret" (also 1988), exploiting his friendship with a son to get close to the mother (Faye Dunaway). At the suggestion of Sean Connery, he played a small but pivotal role as a Soviet scientist in "The Russia House" (1990), and he also acted with Ethan Hawke in Disney's workmanlike remake of Jack London's adventure "White Fang" (1991). Brandauer's feature directorial debut came with "Seven Minutes" (1989), a fact-based story of a watchmaker who plotted to assassinate Hitler, which earned praise in his native Germany. He next helmed and scripted "Mario and the Magician" (1994), about a German author's brush with fascism during a vacation in Italy. A splendid "Rembrandt", he also made his American TV debut with a fascinating portrayal of Otto Preminger in HBO's "Introducing Dorothy Dandridge" (both 1999).


Maria Brandauer


Christian Brandauer

has written score for films directed by his father

Karin Mueller

born on October 14, 1945 married from 1963 until her death on November 13, 1992 directed husband in "Der Weg Ins Frie" (1982)

Georg Steng



Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts




Splendidly portrayed the Dutch Master from age 28-63 in "Rembrandt", a visually impressive film by painter Charles Matton


Made a fascinating Otto Preminger in the HBO biopic "Introducing Dorothy Dandridge"


Played King Nebuchadnezzar in TV presentation "Jeremiah", which aired that December in Italy and the following year in Israel


Screenwriting debut, "Mario and the Magician"; also starred and directed


Appeared in "White Fang"


Reteamed with Connery for Fred Schepisi's "The Russia House", playing a Soviet scientist who smuggles his notebooks to the West


Film directing debut, "Seven Minutes" (English language, US-West German co-production); also starred


Delivered splendid turn as charming amoral baron and World War I vet in "Burning Secret", based on a Stefan Zweig short story previously filmed by Robert Siodmak in 1933


Made third film with Szabo, "Hanussen"


Reteamed with Szabo for "Colonel Redl"


Earned critical praise and an Oscar nod for his supporting turn as Bror Blixen, the philandering husband of writer Isak Dinesen, in Sydney Pollack's Oscar-winning "Out of Africa"


Portrayed Jame Bond's arch rival Maximillian Longo in Irvin Kershner's "Never Say Never Again", starring Sean Connery


First feature with Istvan Szabo, "Mephisto", based on the true story of German actor Hendrik Hofgen, noted for his portrayal of Mephistopheles in Goethe's "Faust", who ironically made his own Faustian bargain with the Nazis


Film acting debut in Lee H Katzin's "The Salzberg Connection", produced by Ingo Preminger, brother of Otto


Began working with Vienna's Burgtheater (the National Theater of Austria) as actor and director

Stage acting debut in "The Madwoman of Chaillot"

Raised in West Germany