Kourtney Kardashian Expecting Ex’s Baby

Socialite Kourtney Kardashian has reunited with her ex-fiancé after learning she’s pregnant with his baby.

The reality TV star, sister of Kim Kardashian, announced her happy news on Wednesday but withheld the identity of the baby’s daddy.

She’s now confirmed that the unborn tot is her ex Scott Disick’s, and reveals the couple is now back together and excited to welcome their first child.

She says, “It’s Scott’s, my ex-boyfriend who’s now my boyfriend. He’s very excited. I’m expecting in December.”

And Kardashian admits her beau handled news of her pregnancy better than she did herself: “When I found out I was so shocked, I was so confused, I didn’t know what to do. But he was so for it and so excited from the beginning.”

But the 30-year-old is holding off on plans to wed Disick. When asked by The Today Show if the couple will marry, she replied, “We’ll see.”

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