Kourtney Kardashian’s Baby Shower: What Really Happened Vs. What We’ll See on Camera

ALTKourtney Kardashian is just weeks away from welcoming her second child, a little girl, to the world. While she has already been through the process once before with her baby daddy Scott Disick, when she gave birth to their son Mason Dash Disick (who is now two years old), Kardashian couldn’t help but celebrate her upcoming stork delivery with an as-to-be expected, decadent Kardash Bash on May 12. Though it may not have been as grand as her sister Kim Kardashian’s wedding or as foo foo as her half-sister Kendall Jenner’s Sweet 16 (both events were televised), Kourtney’s baby shower didn’t fall short on expectations.

While the reporting is in about the exclusive shindig, it’s possible that this baby shower could be edited to hype up the entertainment factor for the Karashians’ reality series. Here are seven situations that occurred at the shower as per Us Weekly — but we also project how these scenarios can make it to the TV screen (if the party was in fact filmed like most Kardashian events). Which is more entertaining: the real life fact or Hollywood.com’s fetched script?

Situation 1

Real: Sisters Kim and Khloe attended to all of the details of the shower

What Will Happen on Camera: Kim will probably be sitting around talking to Kanye West about how boring the party is, or she will just simply be googling her name (she loves to do that!). Poor Khloe will be the one stuck handling every minute matter as she is the youngest out of the three sisters.

Situation 2

Real: The guests reportedly wore “Hamptons style finery.”

What Will Happen on Camera: This is just an excuse for Scott Disick to parade around in one of his purple Barney Shirts. Even if he is from Long Island, most people who spend the summer in the Hamptons don’t dress like they just stepped out of a Candy Store.

Situation 3

Real: Kourtney’s son Mason was awed by the three babies that were at the party.

What Will Happen on Camera: Mason will be seen as the social butterfly and the big brother, who is an expert at playing with babies (but in his mind, this was probably just a moment of wow. His toddler thought process: “Do I have friends now?”).

Situation 4

Real: Cotton Candy was served.

What Will Happen on Camera: This is Hollywood. None of these girls will eat, except for maybe Kourtney, who is expecting.

Situation 5

Real: Everyone posed for pleasant pics.

What Will Happen on Camera: Scott Disick will probably be missing for the photo shoot. He’s probably sulking in another room or storming away in his fancy sport car because either Kourtney or Kris Jenner bashed him earlier for being a loser.

Situation 6

Real: Khloe gives Kourtney a present of tutus for her niece.

What Will Happen on Camera: The tutus will be wrapped in a Dash bag. Hello! Product placement for the Kardashian stores!

Situation 7

Real: It was a pink themed party.

What Will Happen on Camera: The pink will be so overwhelming that we won’t even notice Kim’s gigantic behind on the screen.


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