Kourtney Kardashian’s Style Is Better Pregnant: Don’t Give Birth!

It feels like Kourtney Kardashian has been pregnant forever (for her, too, no doubt). And what a pretty pregnancy it’s been.

In fact, all of her recent gorgeousness has gotten us thinking that the reality star dresses better when she’s pregnant. What gives, Kourtney? 

It’s not that she isn’t into fashion all the time: she and her sisters Kim and Khloe own a number of DASH boutiques around the country. And she’s always talking about clothes. “I like to mix stuff,” she’s said. “Major designers with fun stuff I buy at the mall. I wear things that are not always expected. I do follow trends, but I think it is really important to know which trends are good for yourself.” 

So why does her fashion seem to fall apart without the baby bump? 

What do you think? Does Kourtney look better pregnant? Take a peek at her recent pre-pregnancy and pregnant looks and decide for yourself and let’s all say a collective prayer that her fashion mojo doesn’t disappear after she gives birth. 

Pre-baby Feathered DisasterKourtney feather disaster