Kris Humphries Spotted Without Wedding Ring

The Kim Kardashian – Kris Humphries breakup rumors are starting to pile up. Less than 24 hours have passed since news broke out that Kim’s agent was dropping Kris as a client, and the divorce speculation only continues to grow now that Kris was photographed yesterday carrying boxes out of his and Kim’s Manhattan hotel room, with no wedding ring on his finger! The missing ring could mean one of several things — it could be a big PR stunt to try to get more headlines, it also could be that Kris just didn’t want to damage the ring while moving the boxes, or perhaps it means the newlyweds really are having some major marital problems.

Any of these scenarios are entirely plausible, but I wouldn’t pull the plug on their relationship yet (it’s only been two months after all). Kim just finished wrapping Kourtney & Kim Take New York, so it’s possible Kris was simply helping the girls pack up in preparation for their return to L.A. Besides, he’s well aware by this point what kind of reaction he would get for not wearing his wedding ring, so my guess is it’s either for media attention or he just didn’t want to damage the ring (although that seems like a stretch to me). But I wouldn’t take the possibility of a divorce completely off the table. Kris could have taken the ring off temporarily to send a message to Kim that he’s upset (remember when he grew a mustache right before their wedding to let Kim know he was still in control?). The NBA star is very capable of bringing his fair share of drama to the table.

Kim is reportedly heading to Vegas this weekend to celebrate her 31st birthday (which is today). I’m curious to see if Kris joins her in the weekend festivities because if he neglects to be with his wife on her birthday, that’s sure to add only more trouble.

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Source: NY Post