Kris Jenner Set to Temporarily Host ‘The Talk’ and ‘Today Show’

The wedding may be over, but that doesn’t mean you won’t still be getting your daily dose of Kardashian news. This family lives to make the next days headlines and cover stories and I’m not just talking about those lovely daughters — turns out Mama Jenner wants in on more of the spotlight as well. That’s right, reports are stating that Kris Jenner has booked not one, but two hosting gigs in the upcoming months, so we’ll get to see that surgically-tucked face twice as much as we normally do. I can’t wait…

Apparently, Jenner will be a fill-in co-host for the celebrity-filled talk show, The Talk, for two weeks and is being eyed as a fill-in for when Sharon Osbourne is unavailable. These gaggle of women interview celebrities and are known for giving their opinions on everything under the sun, even on issues they that they know nothing about. Hmm, celebrity hoarding and being opinionated…I think Kris will feel right at home.

The reality mom is also set to be a guest co-host on the Today Show sometime in October. Jenner also recently took over managing Kim Kardashian’s new husband, basketball player Kris Humphries and there are rumors circulating that her son, Rob Kardashian, will be one of the celebrities cast on the upcoming season of Dancing With the Stars. Add all of this on top of her responsibilities of managing all of her daughters and you wonder how she’s going to find time to be a good wife and mother to her every-growing family — eh, priorities. As long as the cameras keep rolling, this family will be happy. Congrats on the new gigs Kris — we’ll try to keep up.

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Source: AOL