Kristen Stewart: 22 Compliments For Her 22nd B-Day

kristen stewartIn just 22 years, Kristen Stewart has become one of the most well known names in Hollywood, racking up incredible amounts of fame and popularity. And while her A-list status is thanks in large part to her role as Bella Swan in the Twilight franchise, the actress has since proven that she’s way more than just a one hit wonder.

So in honor of all that she’s accomplished, has compiled a list of 22 compliments to give to the talented star on her birthday as a show of gratitude for her many contributions to the entertainment industry. Happy Birthday, K-Stew!

1. She has one of the hottest boyfriends — Robert Pattinson — on the planet (he even sparkles in the sun!).

2. She’s successfully avoided being typecast post-Twilight, something not every star is able to escape.

3. Her acting range knows no bounds. Whether it be sword fighting or a vampire love scene, nothing’s out of Stewart’s reach.

3. She’s picking high grade material in 2012 (Snow White and the Huntsman). No more damsel in distress for this girl.

4. She deserves much higher praise for her role in the criminally underrated movie Adventureland.

5. She hasn’t let fame affect her true self.

6. She is quite the natural beauty, but is never vain about it.

7. She looks great in a (fake) wedding dress.

8. She does a great job of not speaking in Speak. Eat your heart out The Artist.

9. She actually has a pretty good singing voice, very reminiscent of Joan Jet.

10. Plays a very believable diabetic even at the ripe age of 13 years old (Panic Room).

11. She’s able to control herself whenever Taylor Lautner takes his shirt off (a trick I have not yet mastered).

12. She’s a great kisser, and has several MTV Best Kiss awards to back it up.

13. She’s adventurous enough for Martin Starr and Jesse Eisenberg (Adventureland).

14. She actually managed to pull off the Joan Jet look — a hairstyle that is not that these days.

15. She plays nice with others, despite what the rumor mill says.

16. She deserves major props for successfully conquering her fear of horses on the set Snow White and the Huntsman.

17. She doesn’t discriminate: she’s open to dating both mortals and supernatural creatures.

18. She can handle long distance relationships (see Jumper).

19. She has great taste in co-stars.

20. She performed the most convincing (non) birth ever seen — that Breaking Dawn birth scene was pretty hardcore.

21. She got the Charlize Theron stamp of approval. If it’s good for Charlize, then it’s good for us.

22. She is the fairest one of all (Snow White and the Huntsman).


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