Kristen Stewart Featured in Marcus Foster Music Video

You know I really should have put better thought into the college application process. Instead of selecting schools based off of their location, majors, or guy to girl ratio, I should have been researching where all the famous people were going. Even Marcus Foster was smart enough to do that. The London-born singer-songwriter just happened to go to the same school as vampire heartthrob Robert Pattinson, and the two of them became friends. This, of course, led to one of Foster’s songs (sang by RPatz himself) appearing on the Twilight soundtrack, which really helped his work gain the public’s interest and attention. Now — I’m assuming because Rob introduced them — Kristen Stewart makes a cameo appearance in Foster’s video for his latest single I Was Broken. Kristen doesn’t so much sing, dance, or basically do anything besides intensely stare at the camera while the song is playing, but man does she look good doing it. This should definitely help promote Foster’s upcoming debut album, Nameless Path, which is scheduled to be released September 26th. It really doesn’t hurt to have friends in high places.

<a href=’’ target=’_new’ title=’MSN Exclusive: Marcus Foster – I Was Broken’>Video: MSN Exclusive: Marcus Foster – I Was Broken</a>

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Source: MSN Music