Kristen Stewart Tops ‘Forbes’ Highest Paid Actress List

ALTWell maybe this will give her something to smile about (finally!): Kristen Stewart has topped this year’s Top list of the highest paid actresses in Hollywood. Homie say what?! I know! But it makes sense when you get into the details. Regardless of hers (or anyone’s) opinions of the Twilight film series, Stewart made herself indespensible in a worldwide mega-blockbuster films. That means, when movies two and three rolled around, she was able to ask a pretty penny for her turn as Bella Swan, clumsy lover of sparkly vampires. And let’s be serious: at this point, no one else could play the part. If the studio tried to replace her, they’d have worse than the press to answer to, they’d have to answer to the twihards, which is way more intense of a firing squad.

So this means she was able to pull in a reported $12.5 million for the next two films — the same as the male leads Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner —on top of the money she made from Snow White and the Huntsman. Which put her at the top of the Twilight heap, financially, and also made her the youngest lady on the list by at least sixteen years. It’s rumored that Kristen Stewart made $34.5 million in the last year. (Hopefully someone is totally splurging on a new pair of Converses this weekend!)

The movie industry is no different than most in America, though, where women are still paid less than men. The ten actresses who made up the list earned $200 million combined, compared to the $361 million brought in by the top ten dudes.

The other ladies on the list include Cameron Diaz at No. 2 with $34 million, Sandra Bullock at No. 3 with $25 million, Angelina Jolie at No. 4 with $20 million, and Charlize Theron at No. 5 with $18 million.

What do you think of this list? Are you surprised by any of the ladies included (or not included)? What do you think Kristen Stewart should do with that sweet $34.5 million? That sure is a lot of money to… sink your teeth into, har har har! Should I ask her to borrow a couple thousand? Do you think she’d mind? Let us know what you think in the comments below!


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