Kristin Cavallari Poses in Wedding Dresses Days Before Split with Jay Cutler

kristin cavallari and jay cutlerKristin Cavallari is probably deeply mourning the death of her relationship and engagement to Jay Cutler, and that’s pretty normal. When people break up, they go through stages of being sad, then angry, then kind of okay, then really sad, then miserable, then start to feel afloat again, but then it just gets bad again and they start looking up bipolar disorder on Bing. There’s no way to know what stage of grief Kristin is at, but even if she was starting to feel better about herself through support from her friends and family, she’s going to go right down the hole again once she’s reminded of the photo shoot she did for Life & Style where she posed in wedding dresses and talked about walking down the aisle wearing something strapless.

The photo shoot took place on July 21st in Los Angeles, and the article that’s paired with the photos reports that the next day, Jay asked Kristin to fly back to Chicago with him but she wouldn’t go because she had to shoot something for a TV project. The conflicting schedules apparently angered Jay, and an insider said “he told her that she needed to commit to him and move to Chicago.” Kristin didn’t want to bail on her obligations though, and so Jay reportedly broke up with her and returned to Chicago by himself on July 23rd. The article also says Kristin wasn’t just being pressured to move to Chicago — it says Jay’s family was insisting that Kristin get pregnant immediately, but she felt that she was too young to have kids and didn’t appreciate the pushing from his relatives. But even if Jay’s family was meddling in the couple’s business, these pre-wedding photos probably won’t make it any easier for Kristin to move on.

Source: Life & Style