Kristin Davis and Aaron Sorkin Split: Casting Call!

kristin davis aaron sorkinAnd as quickly as they began, the flame that kept lovers Aaron Sorkin and Kristin Davis all loved up, has (according to The Huffington Post) died. That’s right! Summer lovin’, happened so fast. And I bet these two crazy kids had themselves a blast, don’t you think? So many dinners, so many Sorkinisms. But now that things have reportedly ended, Sorkin is left to his own devices to deal with the remnants of an old love. And what is a man like Sorkin, he of the romantic-comedy-disguised-as-popular-discourse television that we all know and love, to do? Why, do what he’s done with many of the other ladies in his life, of course: make her a character on The Newsroom!

Wait, didn’t you know this? Well, Sorkin is notorious for casting characters that are built off of (or an extreme version of) the women he’s had in his life. Don’t believe us? Well, remember the character Harriet Hayes (played by Sarah Paulson) from Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip? She was supposedly based on Sorkin’s ex-girlfriend Kristin Chenoweth (Oh look, another Kristin!) And let’s not forget Will McAvoy (aka Jeff Daniels)’s arch-nemesis (at least at first!) Nina Howard (played by Hope Davis) on The Newsroom. She was based on Sorkin ladyfriend Mandy Stadtmiller, who–at the time–was a writer at the New York Post. Gee, that doesn’t sound familiar at all! Stadtmiller recently wrote about her experience over at xoJane, which I’m sure delighted ol’ Aaron to bits and pieces.

In any event, we’ve come across a highly-top-secret, not-at-all-made-up-by-me-no-way (JK this is totally and completely made-up) casting notice for a character on season two of The Newsroom. Does it sound anything like Davis to you? Read on and see for yourself!


The cast of HBO’s critically acclaimed drama from the mind of Aaron Sorkin, is extending its cast for season two. The part will have a multi-episode arc that involves a potential for romantic situations.

CHRISTINA RAVIS – Female, mid-40s, brunette, very beautiful. Actress needed for multi-episode arc on HBO’s The Newsroom. The character Christina Ravis is an actress well-known for playing wound-up, well-to-do women. She also had previous work on a primetime soap opera. She is characterized by the attributes of her work-related roles. In real life, she is kind, sensual, loving and attentive, but also a rehabbed alcoholic. Christina is a single mother to an adopted daughter named Crystal, and also a fervent animal-rights activist. She has been overshadowed by her work on an iconic show from the last decade, and is trying to define herself outside of the role that made her famous without much success. Christina grew up in a southern city and has all the charm of a southern belle without actually being one. She will unexpectedly shake things up for Will McAvoy with their headline-making summer romance. However, Christina is also harpy and weak-willed when it comes to things she cannot control. Despite her money, success, and accolades from respected peers and critics regarding her work, has no self-confidence and is drawn to strong, heroic men to save her and educate her on how to handle certain situations (and technology), and explain why she is wrong sometimes (OK, most of the time). Experience on a HBO television program ideal but not mandatory. Willing to extensively monologue (potentially followed by pratfalls that completely nullify the aforementioned monologue’s strength) is a must. Love of an old American ideal is required.

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