Kristy Sager


Casting (5)

Queen of the Damned 2002 (Movie)


RKO 281 1999 (Movie)

(United States) (Casting Associate)

The Deep End of the Ocean 1999 (Movie)

(Casting Associate)

The House on Haunted Hill 1999 (Movie)

(Casting Associate)

Dance With Me 1998 (Movie)

casting assistant (Casting Associate)
Production Management (2)

Dumb & Dumber 1994 (Movie)

(Assistant Production Coordinator)

Love, Cheat & Steal (TV Show)

Assistant Production Coordinator
Other (2)

The Crow: City of Angels 1996 (Movie)

(to Michael Flynn) (Assistant)

Threesome 1994 (Movie)

(Production Assistant)