Kurt N Forshager


Sound (10)

Stir of Echoes 1999 (Movie)

(Sound Effects Editor)

D2: The Mighty Ducks 1994 (Movie)

(Sound Editor)

Airborne 1993 (Movie)

(Foley Editor)

Boxing Helena 1993 (Movie)

(Foley Editor)

Forever Young 1992 (Movie)

(Foley Editor)

The Gun in Betty Lou's Handbag 1992 (Movie)

(Foley Editor)

Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey 1991 (Movie)

(Foley Editor)

La Grieta 1990 (Movie)

(Foley Editor)

Kinjite 1989 (Movie)

(Foley Editor)

Hero and the Terror 1988 (Movie)

sound editor 1st assistant (Sound Editor)
Editor (1)

Scream 2 1997 (Movie)

effects editor (Editor)