Kylie Jenner Got Her Own Birthday Wrong In Her “Sexy” Calendar


We try to give Kylie Jenner a break, we really do. She’s super young and has tried to do everything she can in order to stand out among her ultra famous sisters. With her “rapper” boyfriend, enhanced looks and makeup line, the 19-year old hasn’t done too bad for herself. However, it looks like 2017 is going to be the year Jenner continues to “realize stuff”. Emulating her big sis, Kim Kardashian, Jenner decided to publish a sexy calendar for her fans, but the reality star made one crucial mistake.

Homegirl got her own birthday wrong! No, we are not lying though we really wish that we were. According to TMZ, the reality star published the wrong date for her OWN BIRTHDAY in her Terry Richardson calender. Jenner’s birthday is August 10th, but on August 20th, the calendar reads, “20 today! Kylie’s Birthday”

One of Kylie’s fans was kind enough to take Twitter to point out the ridiculous error.

Check out some more snaps from the calendar below.

This comes days after Jenner quit her own app because “her team” posted a story about her sex life. We get that Jenner is a busy gal, but perhaps double checking things before they actually go out to the public might benefit her in the long run?