Lady Gaga and Cher Team Up For New Single ‘The Greatest Thing’

If I Could Turn Back Time…I would have made these two team up for a duet a long time ago!

Lady Gaga and Cher (who needs last names?) are supposedly collaborating together and will release a single called The Greatest Thing, which is set to come out next month in the first track off Cher’s upcoming album. Why did no one think of this sooner? When divas of two generations put their musical minds together, it has no choice but to be the greatest thing, so the title of the song seems very fitting indeed.

So how do you know that this isn’t just a fanciful rumor being circulated by yours truly? Well when in doubt, look to Twitter. Cher tweeted on Tuesday saying “Can hardly wait 4 GT 2 Come Out! Was XCITED ‘Bout Making New cd, But Wasn’t Expecting BIG Surprises…& THEN…… SURPRISE ! GAGA ! DUET !”

Gaga tweeted with joy over the duet as well saying “Who knew a year ago when I was crying in her arms after she gave me an award, that today we would record a duet. @Cher  You are The Greatest.” Told you I wasn’t lying. The trendsetters first met at last year’s MTV Video Music Awards when Cher presented Gaga with the Video of the Year honors. Let’s hope the two artists decide to grace the world with a phenomenal music video for their collaboration as well — can you imagine the eccentric costumes that would be worn for such a thing?! Behind every great song there’s an artistic genius, so just think what kind of song will be produce with two musician masterminds behind the mic. If I haven’t stressed it enough, this song is going to be GREAT!

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Source: Radar