Lady Gaga Debuts ‘Princess Die’: Her Darkest Song Ever? — VIDEO

lady gagaLady Gaga is no stranger to pushing the boundaries of almost everything she does, whether it be fashion attire or musical compositions. It’s one of the many things her fans have grown to love about her — which is why fans should be excited to hear that Gaga is already working on new songs. The superstar debuted a brand new track she’s been working on at a concert in Melbourne this Tuesday called “Princess Die.” And, it could very well be the darkest song she’s ever written yet.

“This song is a little bit sad,” Gaga told the crowd. And she wasn’t kidding… in fact, that might even be an understatement with lyrics like: “I wish that I was wrong / I wish that I could cope / But I took pills and left a note.” Forget any upbeat tempos and taking rides on “disco sticks” — these words speak of pain, heartache, and despair in a way that many of her songs never have before (though if anyone had the guts to delve into such deep, dark topics it would be Gaga).

But have no fear — Gaga assures her fans that her upcoming third album won’t be all doom and gloom. “It’s in no way reflective of the rest of music on the album,” she says. “But it’s about some of the most deep and personal thoughts I’ve ever had.” Whether it’s depressing or not, though, it’s sure to earn a top spot on the Billboard Charts. Her songs were just born that way.

Check out the video below and see what you think of Gaga’s latest musical creation:

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Princess Die Song


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