Lady Gaga Fans Continue To Bully Adele on Twitter

This year’s MTV’s Video Music Award nominations started off with a great deal of controversy. While Lady Gaga was up for 3 different noms for “Born This Way,” she was out-nominated overall by both Katy Perry (who earned 9) and Adele (who received 7). This is a far cry from the previous year when Gaga earned a whopping 13 nominations and as such, her fans have since been out for blood at the injustice. And the singer’s devoted little monsters continue to prove just how deep their loyalties lie by further lashing out against Adele on a cruel joke Twitter bender.

The two women are up for the most coveted award in the music industry – to become the bestselling artist in the world and it seems like Adele is quickly gaining momentum, which doesn’t settle well with Gaga fans. They have harshly attacked the British singer and her weight via the social media site for receiving greater recognition than their Mama Monster. Several unsettling comments were made, but some of the most hurtful included, “Adele probably ate Lady Gaga’s other nominations” and “CONFIRMED: Gaga will not be wearing the meat dress at the 2011 VMA’s because she is afraid Adele will eat her.” Mock videos of Adele were also made with a fake singer belting out “I’m bootyful in my own way because Arby’s makes nooo mistakes, I’ve got the right order, baby, I was born this weight.”

Basically, these little monsters are turning into real monsters and it’s not pretty. It’s incredibly disturbing since this embodies the exact opposite of everything that Lady Gaga stands for. Gaga is all about welcoming new talent into the music industry and encourages up-and-coming artists of all ages and sizes. Additionally, she is completely anti-bullying and even launched a Born This Way Foundation to help speak out against the violence and hurtful actions, so I can only imagine how disappointed she will be to learn her fans are now part of the problem, not the solution.

Gaga has yet to respond to all the growing hostile energy surrounding her musical comrade, but it’s only a matter of time. She always thinks so highly of her fans and expects so much more from them, so it’s upsetting to see just how cruel some people can be. Let’s hope Adele — who is recovering from throat surgery — hasn’t heard about this.

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Source: Daily Mail