Lady Gaga Fires Her Creative Director, LaurieAnn Gibson

Over the years, Lady Gaga has really made it her mission to be more creative than the rest of us. Of course, if you ask her what she’s passionate about, she will say she wants to put an end to bullying, but we all really know she has tremendous fun making the rest of us look more conservative than the guy in the lighthouse who gives tours to schoolchildren. But we make it through each and every day by telling ourselves that if Lady Gaga were to get rid of everyone who helps her sew slabs of meat together and stitch bubbles onto leotards and staple hula hoops onto bodices, she would have to wear a puffy down jacket and a chunky Polo sweater and Katie Holmes-style rolled up khakis just like the rest of us.

But it looks like Lady Gaga might be dressing more normally in the coming months because various sources report she has parted ways with her longtime creative director and choreographer, LaurieAnn Gibson. Media Take Out claims Gaga noticed “a change” in LaurieAnn that occurred when she got her own reality show, The Dance Scene, and that LaurieAnn’s “diva attitude” just became too much for Gaga to handle. But what must have particularly upset Gaga was when LaurieAnn told The Los Angeles Times that she specifically modeled the “Bad Romance” singer after Madonna (which is a comparison Gaga has been battling for years), and claimed, “Listen, [Madonna] should be bitter because I [made Lady Gaga in her image] on purpose and you can quote me. I did it on purpose because for all those kids who believe that you can’t, I wanted to let them feel that you can.” And so that comment, in addition to a particularly headed argument over the phone where Lady Gaga told LaurieAnn she was thinking of replacing her and LaurieAnn announcing her intention to sue, has resulted in Gaga terminating their professional relationship. LaurieAnn has already been replaced with choreographer Richard Jackson, and it remains to be seen whether or not his skills will make LaurieAnn’s creations look as inspiring as flattened pennies that you have to pay a dollar to flatten.

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Sources: Media Take Out, THR