Lady Gaga Reveals Major Secret To Homeless LGBTQ Teens: ‘I Have A Mental Illness’

Lady Gaga

With a recently-released album and a role on a hit TV show, Lady Gaga seems like she’s on top, but that doesn’t mean it’s all smooth sailing. During a recent trip to a homeless shelter for LGBTQ youth, Mother Monster revealed one of her biggest secrets — she suffers from PTSD.

Lady Gaga, who revealed two years ago that she was raped at age 19, admitted to the group, “I don’t have the same kind of issues that you have, but I have a mental illness, and I struggle with that every day, so I need my mantra to help keep me relaxed.”

Gaga has never spoken publicly about her struggle with post traumatic stress disorder. 

“I told the kids today that I suffer from a mental illness. I suffer from PTSD. I’ve never told anyone that before, so here we are. But the kindness that’s been shown to me by doctors, as well as my family and my friends, it’s really saved my life,” said the singer.

Gaga’s visit to the shelter was on behalf of the #ShareKindness campagn.

“Kindness, to me, is an action of love or a showing of love to someone else. I also believe that kindness is the cure to violence and hatred around the world. I like to share kindness in a lot of different ways,” she said.

“I love to give things to people that have nothing or less than me. These children are not just homeless or in need. Many of them are trauma survivors; they’ve been rejected in some kind of way,” she continued. “My own trauma in my life has helped me to understand the trauma of others.”

The 30-year-old singer believes that the smallest, easiest way to help trauma survivors like herself is by showing kindness and positivity. 

“The one way to help people that have trauma is to inject them with as many positive thoughts as possible,” she said.

Thank you Mother Monster for opening up and spreading awareness about mental illness. The more we share, the closer we are to getting rid of the stigma.

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