Lady Gaga’s Manager: Singer Is a ‘Toddler,’ Still Hasn’t Made It

Lady GagaLady Gaga‘s manager Troy Carter might want to start updating his resume, after calling the pop superstar a “200-pound toddler” and saying that she hasn’t yet “made it,” according to Huffington Post.

Carter made the good-ish-natured comments during a Music Matters keynote interview, in which he also sounded off on last month’s debacle in Indonesia (“Jesus Christ got crucified. It happens”) and the rest of her Asian tour — albeit in much less headline-grabbing fashion, saying, “Asia is a very loyal audience and an audience that really, really loves music … We plan on spending a lot more time here.”

Check out the (extremely long) Carter interview in its entirety below, and the “Born This Way” star, er, toddler, on tour: Australia through July 8, and then on to Europe for almost three full months.

[Image: WENN]


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