Lady Gaga To Decorate Barney’s Windows for Christmas

lady gagaTis the season to be Gaga! This holiday season New York City is in for a real treat because Lady Gaga will be in charge of decorating Barney’s windows this Christmas. The store gave a statement saying the pop singer, along with her creative team, will be given free reign to bring their “interpretation of the iconic Santa’s Workshop” to life. I think we can all agree that the North Pole will never be thought of the same again.

Decorating will commence in November, where Gaga will design the window displays, portions of the men’s stores on the fifth floor and the entire eighth floor. Talk about Gaga Galore! She’ll also design and sell small gift items and 25% of the proceeds will be donated to a charity of Gaga’s choosing. It’s like the gift that just keeps on giving! Barney’s New York CEO, Mark Lee, described the Born This Way singer saying, “Lady Gaga is a rare cultural phenomenon, not only because of her exceptional talents as a singer… but also with regard to her support of equality and individuality and status as a fashion icon.” Should we be expecting elves to wear Kermit and meat costumes this winter then? Either way, this sounds awesome and now I just have one more reason to look forward to the Christmas season. So you better be good this year little monsters because mama monster will know if you’ve been bad or good — so be good for Gaga’s sake!

Source: THR