Lady Gaga Will Release Another Song Next Week

lady gagaIn case you were wondering, Lady Gaga doesn’t subscribe to the “let the fans hear the music for the first time when the album is released” belief. Instead, she affirms that the best way to build up anticipation for her upcoming album is by essentially releasing a third of it over the course of a few weeks. So in combination with the debut of the video for “Judas” from last week, the release of “The Edge of Glory” this week AND the fact that her HBO documentary aired last weekend, it’s probably not that exciting to hear that next week, Gaga will release yet ANOTHER song off the album, called “Hair.” MTV explains “Hair” was inspired by Pat Benetar’s song, “We Belong,” and Gaga will continue to insist that she was just born that way. The sax solo from “The Edge of Glory” that stuck out like hypordermic needle in the shiba inu puppy den will also be featured in “We Belong,” and about it, Lady Gaga said, “It’s really up-tempo. It’s a club record, but has a Bruce Springsteen vibe. It’s really interesting because it’s putting sax on a huge dance record.” But it’s funny because I don’t remember requesting that my dance songs have traces of New Jersey in them.

Source: MTV