Lady Gaga Will Release New Single ‘Marry The Night’

Alright Little Monsters, put your hands up and get ready to dance because Lady Gaga is coming out with a new single — Marry The Night! According to the GaGa Daily (remind me to set that as my homepage), the singer is currently preparing to release the track to radio as the fifth single from her Born This Way album. The album has already given her a number of successful hits including Born This Way, Edge of Glory, and most recently, You and I, so the odds of Marry The Night gaining in popularity are very high. Gaga has previously talked about this song with MTV, stating, “I wrote so many songs on this new album about New York City, but one in particular ‘Marry The Night,’ that record is about my husband, New York.” In that case, I assume that by “The Night” she’s referring to New York City — it is the city that never sleeps after all.

Gaga claims that this song sounds completely different from anything else she’s ever done before. She’s always expressed a great love for New York, so she really seems adamant at making the dedication both memorable and moving. I have to admit it’s not my favorite Gaga song, but sometimes it takes me a little while to warm up to some songs. I have no doubt that the clubs will be blasting this in no time as soon as the song if officially released. And then, of course, there’s always the a Gaga music video to look forward to, but for now we’ll just have to be satisfied with strictly the music. If you haven’t already heard the song or just feel like listening to it again, check out Gaga’s Marry The Night song below:

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