Lalla Ward

Born: 06/28/1951


Actor (5)

Riviera 1986 - 1987 (TV Show)


Doctor Who -- The Five Doctors 1983 - 1984 (TV Show)


Crossed Swords 1978 (Movie)

Princess Elizabeth (Actor)

Rosebud 1974 (Movie)

Margaret (Actor)

Sweet Virgin 1973 (Movie)

Tessa Carmichael (Actor)


Tom Baker Actor


Richard Dawkins Actor

Introduced at the birthday party of mutual friend Douglas Adams Married Announced "entirely amicable" separation


Central School of Speech and Drama

1967 - 1970



Starred as Romana on "Doctor Who"

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Lalla was a successful textile artist and ceramicist and has shown three exhibitions at the National Theatre, London.


On her debut role on Dr. Who: ""I must have been the most unusual entrant into the series. My audition was, unwittingly, a six-week story! Naturally, at the time I had no idea it would blossom into the offer of a regular job. I was fortunate because when I joined, I knew everybody, so the first-night nerves, so to speak, were not so concentrated. Everybody had been so surprised at Mary Tamm’s decision to leave. It was all so quick, before I knew it there I was – the new Romana!"


"I discovered quite early on that a camera never lets you down. Your acting is unrestricted by its presence, whereas an audience will react in different ways. I love the theatre and I do like to work ‘live’ every so often, but my first loyalty is to television. I’d done so much there – I feel a sense of attachment. The atmosphere of television is right for me."