Lana Del Rey and Jaime King Are Lovers — ‘Summertime Sadness’ VIDEO

Ever wonder what Instagram photos would look like in video form? Well, thanks to Lana Del Rey’s latest music video “Summertime Sadness,” you’ll never have to ponder about such things ever again. But the biggest thing that will draw in everyone’s attention will not be the visual ode to social media — it will be the actual plot itself. The nearly five minute clip tells the love story of two lesbian lovers, played by the singer and actress/model Jaime King, whose husband was the director (otherwise that would seem completely random).

Thanks to an array of flashbacks and flash-forwards we see their past happy romance transform into a full-on tragedy (let’s just say it has a very Romeo and Juliet type feel to it). Check out the video below and see how it all unfolds:

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