Lana Del Rey Lands ‘Vogue’ Cover, Doesn’t Want to Write Another Album

Lana Del Rey VogueYou may not have taken the time to figure out who the full-lipped songstress Lana Del Rey is, but you’ve definitely seen her name pop up on just about every celebrity or music site in the past month. Her song “Video Games” garnered some buzz on its own, enough to earn her a spot as a musical guest on SNL before she even released an album. The languid performance immediately earned her lots of ire from the public and subsequently, some defending from Daniel Radcliffe (who hosted the episode in which she performed). And since her album dropped, she’s all anyone can talk about, which is probably why she nabbed the cover of March’s UK Vogue.

She graces the cover with her sixties lashes and locks paired with sparkly knuckle-duster and pointy red nails that would make Gaga proud, and discusses her fashion sense as well as the future of her career. Now that her album, Born to Die, is out, the singer admits she’s not in it for the long haul. Calling her stage name “the name for an art project that I could build a sonic world around” the performer born Elizabeth Grant said, “I don’t think I’ll write another record. What would it say? I feel like everything I wanted to say, I’ve said already.” So, enjoy Born To Die, because that’s all we get, folks.

And for everyone else, enjoy Googling the songbird. She’s a bit of an enigma, that one.

Source: FashionEtc, UK Vogue