Larry Randles


Physical Effects (14)

The Package 1989 (Movie)


Rambo III 1988 (Movie)


Two Moon Junction 1988 (Movie)


The Monster Squad 1987 (Movie)


F/X 1986 (Movie)


Three Amigos! 1986 (Movie)


Commando 1985 (Movie)


Red Dawn 1984 (Movie)


Conan the Barbarian 1982 (Movie)


Cattle Annie and Little Britches 1980 (Movie)


Used Cars 1980 (Movie)


The Mountain Men 1979 (Movie)


The Villain 1979 (Movie)

Actor (7)

Shooting Fish 1998 (Movie)

Golfer (Actor)

Waking Ned Devine 1998 (Movie)

Father Mulligan (Actor)

Going Our Way Souvenir Special 1990 - 1991 (TV Show)


Pale Rider 1985 (Movie)

Horseman (Actor)

Blue Thunder 1983 (Movie)

Thug (Actor)

The Beastmaster 1982 (Movie)

Death Guard Rider (Actor)

The Legend of the Lone Ranger 1981 (Movie)

Ranger Stacy (Actor)