Laurent Ben-Mimoun


Visual Effects & Animation (23)

The Avengers 2012 (Movie)

(Digital Domain) (Visual Effects)

The Dictator 2012 (Movie)

(Hatch) (Matte Painter)

Arthur Christmas 2011 (Movie)

(Matte Painter)

Battle: Los Angeles 2011 (Movie)

(Hydraulx) (Matte Painter)

Priest 2011 (Movie)

Digital Matte Artist(Svengali) (Matte Painter)

All Good Things 2010 (Movie)

(Giantsteps) (Matte Painter)

Skyline 2010 (Movie)

(Hy*drau*lx) (Matte Painter)

Tangled 2010 (Movie)

Visual Development Artist (Visual Effects)

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse 2010 (Movie)

(Lola FX) (Matte Painter)

Land of the Lost 2009 (Movie)

(Rhythm & Hues Studios) (Matte Painter)

Beowulf 2007 (Movie)

(Imageworks) (Matte Painter)

The Hills Have Eyes 2006 (Movie)

Digital Matte Paintings (Matte Painter)

Around the World in 80 Days 2004 (Movie)

(Rhythm & Hues Studios) (Matte Painter)

The Day After Tomorrow 2004 (Movie)

(The Orphanage, Inc) (Matte Painter)

The Phantom of the Opera 2004 (Movie)

Lead Matte Painter(Asylum Visual Effects) (Matte Painter)

Peter Pan 2003 (Movie)

(R!OT) (Matte Painter)

Scary Movie 3 2003 (Movie)

Lead Matte Painter(R!OT) (Matte Painter)

Rollerball 2002 (Movie)

( effects) (Matte Painter)

61* 2000 - 2001 (TV Show)

Matte Painter

Moulin Rouge 2001 (Movie)

(Asylum/additional visual effects) (2-D Artist)

The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring 2001 (Movie)

(WETA Digital/digital visual effects designer & creator--Wellington/New Zealand) (Matte Painter)

Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas 2000 (Movie)

digital matte painter(Digital Domain/special visual effects & digital animation) (Matte Painter)

X-Men 2000 (Movie)

(POP Film & Animation/visual effects) (Matte Painter)
Art Department (5)

Alice Through the Looking Glass 2016 (Movie)

(Concept Artist)

The Hunger Games 2012 (Movie)

Conceptual Artist (Concept Artist)

The Last Airbender 2010 (Movie)

Conceptual Artist (Concept Artist)

Pearl Harbor 2001 (Movie)

matte painting artist(Asylum Visual Effects) (Art Department)

An American Tail: Fievel Goes West 1991 (Movie)

airbrush artist (Art Department)