Lee Lanier


Visual Effects & Animation (5)

Mirror 1999 (Movie)

animation (Animator)

Antz 1998 (Movie)

lead modeler(modeling) (Visual Effects)

Big Bully 1996 (Movie)

CGI artwork (CGI Artist)

Mortal Kombat 1995 (Movie)

CG Ghost Ship (CG Supervisor)

The Santa Clause 1994 (Movie)

CG reindeer (CGI Artist)
Production Management (3)

Rave - Dancing to a Different Beat 1992 (Movie)

continuity supervisor (Continuity)

Club Fed 1990 (Movie)

(Production Coordinator)

Missing Parents (TV Show)

Script Supervisor
Director (1)

Mirror 1999 (Movie)

Writer (1)

Mirror 1999 (Movie)

Editor (1)

Mirror 1999 (Movie)

Music (1)

Mirror 1999 (Movie)

Art Department (1)

Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls 1995 (Movie)

3D artwork (Art Department)
Other (5)

Shrek 2001 (Movie)

lighter(lighting & effects) (Other)

First Kid 1996 (Movie)

computer generated art (Other)

The Phantom 1996 (Movie)

computer generated art(Buena Vista Visual Effects) (Other)

Operation Dumbo Drop 1995 (Movie)

computer generated art (Other)

The Puppet Masters 1994 (Movie)

film recorder (Other)