Lee Patrick

Born: 11/22/1901


Actor (23)

The Black Bird 1975 (Movie)

Effie (Actor)

A Girl Named Tamiko 1963 (Movie)

Mary Hatten (Actor)

The 7 Faces of Dr. Lao 1963 (Movie)

Mrs Howard T Cassan (Actor)

The New Interns 1963 (Movie)

Mrs Hitchcock (Actor)

Wives and Lovers 1962 (Movie)

Mrs Swanson (Actor)

Goodbye Again 1961 (Movie)

Madame Fleury (Actor)

Summer and Smoke 1961 (Movie)

Mrs Ewell (Actor)

Visit to a Small Planet 1960 (Movie)

Rheba Spelding (Actor)

Pillow Talk 1959 (Movie)

Mrs Walters (Actor)

Auntie Mame 1958 (Movie)

Mrs Upson (Actor)

Vertigo 1958 (Movie)

Older Mistaken Identity (Actor)

The Marriage Broker 1956 - 1957 (TV Show)


Topper 1953 - 1955 (Tv Show)


There's No Business Like Show Business 1954 (Movie)

Marge (Actor)

Take Me to Town 1953 (Movie)

Rose (Actor)

Caged 1950 (Movie)

Elvira Powell (Actor)

Mildred Pierce 1945 (Movie)

Maggie Binderhof (Actor)

Mrs. Parkington 1944 (Movie)


Now, Voyager 1941 (Movie)

Deb McIntyre (Actor)

The Maltese Falcon 1941 (Movie)

Effie Perine (Actor)

City For Conquest 1940 (Movie)


Million Dollar Baby 1940 (Movie)


Invisible Stripes 1939 (Movie)