‘Girls’ Fan To Get a Tattoo in Lena Dunham’s Handwriting

It’s hard waiting until the next season of Girls arrives. We feel a void without Lena Dunham and her clan of twentysomething hot messes on our screens every Sunday evening. HBO seeks to placate us with the blood-filled series Game of Thrones and True Blood, but the supernatural dramas don’t seem to be enough for Girls addicts.

In an attempt to overcome her serious case of Girls withdrawal, die-hard fan Tina Wargo decided to get a tattoo to show how much she loves the wacky HBO show. Wargo took to Twitter to request Lena Dunham’s help in the process, writing, “@girlshbo: I need help! I want “All adventurous women do” tattooed on me. Help me get a twit pic of it written in @lenadunham’s handwriting.”

The quote Wargo wants inked derives from an episode in which Jessa — who epitomizes the saying “long hair don’t care” — asserts that “all adventurous women” have at least a few strands of HPV.

Dunham was more than willing to assist Wargo on her tattoo mission. The actress quickly posted a photo on her Instagram account with the quote in her own handwriting (pictured above). Dunham apologized to Wargo for her “junko” handwriting, but still gave the tattoo-seeker three options to choose from.

You would think Dunham would have tried to use her best penmenship, considering her written words will become a permanent part of someone’s body. But, c’est la vie!

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