Leon Lai

Born: 12/11/1966


Actor (22)

Night Peacock 2016 (Movie)

Rong (Actor)

The Secret 2016 (Movie)


White Vengeance 2011 (Movie)

Liu Bang (Actor)

Fire of Conscience 2010 (Movie)

Manfred (Actor)

Bodyguards and Assassins 2009 (Movie)


An Empress and the Warriors 2008 (Movie)

Duan Lanquan (Actor)

Mei Lanfang 2008 (Movie)

Mei (Actor)

The Matrimony 2007 (Movie)

Shen Junchu (Actor)

Qi Jian 2005 (Movie)

Yang Yunchong (Actor)

Infernal Affairs 3 2003 (Movie)


Seung Hung 2003 (Movie)

Jack Lai (Actor)

Golden Chicken 2 2002 (Movie)


Everyday is a Valentine 2000 (Movie)

OK Lai (Actor)

San Tau Chi Saidoi 2000 (Movie)

Mac (Actor)

Yijian Zhongqing 2000 (Movie)

Mike (Actor)

City of Glass 1998 (Movie)

Raphael (Actor)

Comrades, Almost a Love Story 1998 (Movie)

Li Xiaojun (Actor)

Fallen Angels 1998 (Movie)

Wong Chi-Ming (Actor)

A Hero Never Dies 1997 (Movie)

Jack (Actor)

Eighteen Springs 1997 (Movie)

Shen Shijun (Actor)

God of the Gamblers 3: The Early Stage 1995 (Movie)

Ko Chun (Actor)

Love and the City 1993 (Movie)

Wu (Actor)